Emanuele Marcuccio was born in Veneto to a family of Apulian landowners, giving life to an accent that preserves the worst aspects of both inflections. The industrial traditions of the north-east accustomed him – from an early age – to the prospect of an entrepreneurial life, but it was the circumstances of life that led him to deal with art. In an attempt to remedy the nostalgia of a more productive world, his art often relies on local iron and steel industries, with which he shares the same formal priorities: desire for efficiency and hard work. The war to the formal approximation is the aspect that most characterizes Marcuccio's practice, despite that, the human tragedy of production as a perpetration transpires in each of his piece making it profoundly human. (Daniele Milvio)



  • Mountain School of Art, 2017, Los Angeles, US
  • MA, Ecole Cantonale d’Art et Design de Lausanne ECAL, 2015, Lausanne, CH
  • BFA, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, 2010, Milan, IT

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • TBT, Lodos Gallery, 2022, Mexico City, ME (solo)

Solo Exhibitions

  • SEP 2021, Damien & The Love Guru, 2021, Brussels, BE
  • Si o No, Damien and the Love Guru at CFA, 2020, Milan, IT
  • Terence, Sangt Hipolyt, 2019, Berlin, DE
  • Lausanne, Ellis King, 2017, Dublin, IE
  • DARSE, invited by Fabrice Gigy, 2015, Geneva, CH

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Bread & Salt at The Community Center, 2021, Paris, FR
  • Winter Solstice,, 2020, Zurich, CH
  • Living as, Sangt Hipolyt, Loggia Loggia, 2020, Munich, DE
  • No String Attached, Hyphen Project, 2020, Milan, IT
  • Presentation at Liste Art Fair, Lodos gallery, LISTE, 2019, Basel, CH
  • Hotel de Normandy, Baby Craisy UMWELT PR /No Conformism, 2019, Paris, FR
  • Summer show, Castiglioni, 2019, Milan, IT
  • X Ten years of ECAL, Galerie l’ELAC, 2017, Lausanne, CH
  • La velocita delle immagini, curated by Samuel Gross, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, 2016, Rome, IT
  • Il Futuro era Bellissimo per Noi, Cite International des Arts, 2016, Paris, FR
  • Alpensasein, organised by Veit Laurent Kurz and Lorenzo Bernet, 2016, Val Masino, Italy, IT
  • Puesta en Escena, organised by Lodos at Museo Experimental El Eco, 2016, Mexico City, ME
  • Death od the Shambls, Silicon Malley, 2015, Lausanne, CH
  • Playtime, curated by Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charle Teyssou, 9800, 2015, Los Angeles, US
  • System of a Down, Ellis King, 2015, Dublin, IE
  • G.I.F.T., curated by Fabian Marti at INSTITUT KUNST, 2015, Basel, CH
  • Life is a Bed of Roses, curated by Stephanie Moisdon, Foundation d’Enterprise Ricard, 2015, Paris, FR
  • Il progetto del terzo giorno, with Timothe Calame and Yannic Joray, ISTITUTO SVIZZERO, 2015, Milan, IT
  • Lavorare Lavorare Lavorare Preferisco il Rumore del Mare, Centre D’Art Contemporain, 2015, Geneva, CH
  • A Form is A Social Gather, Plymouth Rock, 2015, Zurich, CH
  • A paz entre os animals, curated by Michele D’Aurizio, Boatos Fine Art, 2014, Sao Paulo, BR
  • I bough a hyacinth flower with a lots of leaves, just to make me feel like spring, Karma International, 2014, Zurich, CH
  • Megarave Metarave, WallRiss, 2014, Fribourg, Switzerland, CH
  • Accrochage Vaud, Musée Cantonale de Beaux-Arts, 2014, Lausanne, CH
  • Art of Living, Galerie Chez Valentin, 2013, Paris, FR


  • SOMA Summer, Residency grant awarded by ECAL, 2014, Lausanne, CH