Damien & The Love Guru

Vanessa Disler

Artissima Fondamenta

Open Window
Oil paint on canvas
135 x 165 cm

Fondamenta is a project based on the work of a fair in progress, to experiment with new ways of meeting and communicating, reacting to the transformations of the present. Fondamenta is not a viewing room, not a virtual tour, not an exhibition. It is a collective project coordinated by the curators of Artissima 2020 and produced with galleries for galleries, which are the fundamental “fondamenta” (foundations) of the fair, the heart and fulcrum of the art market.

Painting is like lipstick. Seductive and glossy or powdery matte, it is a medium that performs. It can be intelligent or blindly dumb. Vanessa Disler is infatuated with oil paint‘s rich history and completely paranoid by its ability to seduce. Her practice is shaped by the possibilities of how painting can be used as a model to experience and ask questions about the world and occupies the space between abstraction and figuration; where linguistic and material realities mix, gestures shift into the realm of codified language, and text falls apart into form and gesture.

Devils Beard
Oil, chalk, pastel on canvas
200 x 160 cm
midnight shadow
Gouache, acrylic and pastel on paper
150 x 72 cm